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As a specialist supplier of wastewater treatment systems and media, Trickling Filters Australia (TFA) solutions are designed to be resilient and offer optimum value, while minimising environmental impact. We work with products that increase treatment effectiveness while reducing energy usage and costs over time.

TFA supplies trickling filters, lamella clarifiers, random media, rotating distributors and activated sludge systems. Since 2016, we have been the sole Australian suppliers of European brands ENEXIO and VA Teknik, allowing us to exclusively supply these products to the Australian wastewater market.

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The Trickling Filters Australia Team

Bringing together process design experience and the best in engineering and project management qualifications, our team is ideally positioned to provide professional guidance throughout your entire supply process. From selecting the right technology to managing the implementation phase, we ensure you achieve the most practical and cost-effective wastewater treatment solution for your needs.

Jim Hunter

Over the past 10 years, Jim has been instrumental in the introduction and commercialisation of several innovative water treatment technologies in Australia. His knowledge of the industry and strategic partnerships have allowed Trickling Filters Australia to provide turn-key water treatment products for the Australian market.

David Leinster
Design Manager

David is a chemical engineer with over 18 years’ experience in design and construction of wastewater treatment, bioenergy, biosolids management, and resource recovery projects. He has worked in a broad range of industries including municipal water and wastewater, food and beverage, pulp and paper, mining and dedicated waste to energy facilities. During this time, he completed projects spanning from Australia to the South Pacific, Europe and South East Asia. David’s breadth of knowledge and broad skill base provides him with an unique ability to assess, educate and recommend optimal water treatment technologies for a wide range of scenarios.

Paul Patterson
Logistics and Installation Manager

Paul brings more than 20 years of construction and project management experience to Trickling Filters Australia. Paul has worked exclusively in the water and wastewater industry, managing the construction and logistics of a wide range of projects.

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Experienced, Professional Advice

Large Selection of High Quality Products

Committed, Proactive Approach

Single point of call

High standard of work, safety and environmental management

Diverse in-house team

Professional support from our suppliers

Effective treatment technologies

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Our partners


Enexio is a leading German-based Engineering firm that specialises in cooling solutions and wastewater components. They are a large design and manufacturer of plastic media trickling filters, lamella clarifiers and stand-alone solutions. ENEXIO is committed to providing energy and engineering excellence in all of their products and solutions. This is reflected clearly in the effectiveness of their products company wide.

VA Teknik

VA Teknik is a well-known wastewater treatment company in Sweden that specialises in sludge scrapers and equipment for sedimentation tanks. The company has a clear focus on producing quality, sustainable and energy–efficient technology and solutions. VA Teknik also partner with ENEXIO to ensure that their rotating distributors achieve optimal results when paired with ENEXIO media.

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