Trickling Filters Australia specialise in supplying high-quality trickling filter media, lamella clarifiers, activated sludge products and solutions. We also deliver a range of tailored services to ensure smooth installations and positive treatment outcomes. Our commitment to providing first-class service is what sets us apart. Trickling Filters Australia customers know they can rely on our continual support throughout the entire process.


Our team of professionals are ready to help you choose the right products for your application or project needs.

Product Purchase

Our flexible options make it easy to arrange product quantities and payment methods that suit your organisation.


Our products are conveniently delivered directly to your location.


We professionally install and and test products on-site to make sure you are up-and-running with minimum fuss.


We offer customers basic training and information exchange, so they are equipped to operate and maintain products or systems, saving on future support needs.

Improve your water treatment outcomes today!