Trickling filters

Over the last two decades, substantial improvements to biological trickling filters have occurred, prompted by the introduction of modern structural plastic media. Highly effective and utterly versatile, plastic media trickling filters are now the most economical and dependable option. Because they can be readily retrofitted in existing systems, it is easy to reap the benefits of this advanced technology.

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Lamella clarifiers

Lamella clarifiers offer a highly efficient method of removing solids for both water and sewerage treatment. They increase sedimentation capacity on a much smaller footprint than traditional systems, making them particularly beneficial for land constrained sites and where capacity of existing tanks must be increased.

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Random Packing

Used for upgrading old trickling filters or installations of aerated and anoxic moving bed biofilm reactors, random packing reduces both energy consumption and sludge production. It is an inexpensive way to upgrade your current system without the cost of replacing existing infrastructure.

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Additional products

Every customer need is different, so TFA provides a broad range of quality products with varying applications in the water and wastewater industry. Our partnership with ENEXIO gives us access to the latest water technologies, so you can safely rely on the knowledge of our experts to ensure a successful result.

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